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The nutcracker

1x05 vs. 1x24//2x11


These are just a few of the incredibly huge pile of photos (from several different people!) of my Moss cosplay from the Sunday of Armageddon Expo in Melbourne. Never expected it to be this popular!

I had so much fun being Moss, especially when people lost their shit over The Internet. Thank you, Elders of The Internet, for letting me borrow it for the day.


"Yeah, I mean, I guess I could do that. I don’t really play soccer or anything."

nick miller in every episode » 1.01 pilot

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i love u i am also obsessed w/ yik yak come home soon so i can see ur beautiful face

i am making no promises of beauty, my ginger-laced crumpet, but i can’t wait to see you again <3

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yik yak is amazing i love it

my roommate showed it to me and i am so fascinated and also impressed with my school’s yik yak community ….. usc’s was the worst so far i am SO GLAD i did not go there i could not handle that student population during game nights the amount of misogynistic stuff they posted was way too sobering


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 my neighbor from last year walked up to me with a group of girls and he was holding one of the girls hands like the careless, righteous free-spirit that he is and i think he offered me weed, like he just waved it in front of me and i was like “hi” and he walked away with his gaggle of girls and his trademark hipster-mountain-man-who-can-sing-french-to-you-but-might-actually-be-only-average-at-sex vibe it was actually a sort of glam moment

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