Dianna Agron in “I’m not the only one” preview. 


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Dear JK,


It probably seems kind of dramatic + weird to some people to be so emotionally invested in someone you don’t know’s birthday, but if JK Rowling hadn’t been born 49 years ago, I really don’t know where I would be right now. It’s not an exaggeration when I say she literally saved…

I ofc feel obligated to be really excited about bj’s bday because he is my icon but come on let’s get real this is harry potter’s day


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Happy birthday, B.J.!

"No one, including us, ever really knew, ‘Is this dating? Is this not dating?’ We were never really dating, we were never really not dating. We didn’t know. No one knew. All you’d know for sure as that you’d always find one of us next to the other, even if we weren’t getting along.” - Bj Novak.




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make me choose: Chandler and Monica or Nick and Jess (asked by anon)

Anonymous said: yessss please can you post more cute pics of mindy/bj from like a while ago that i probably forgot about?


i have to go do boring things for the rest of the day, so i’m just going to leave this here before i go (sorry i couldn’t make it a nice post + everything!)

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I hope one day people will be super interested in a long list of everything I read, watch and listen to and I’ll just release books and blogs and stuff of all of that stuff and go on speaking tours where i just say ‘today I listened to the jesus and mary chain, then watched five episodes of the mindy project’ and people will pay me and be interested in me.