Character and plot development:


Watching TV together in the pilot:

And 2 years later, she manages to finally share her feelings with him and distract him from his show…

These gifs are from the gifs I keep reblogging.

hello lovelies! 

you know what would be fun? if you messaged me your tmp season 3 // new girl season 4 wish lists <3 i will post them and flail around with you because i want to be v unproductive lately and i’d like to get to know some of my old/new followers xx




Jess and Rory’s kiss at the gas station is probably one of my favourite TV kisses of all time


Overall, TMP is the #1 show on Hulu+ today. It’s #5 for the week, #10 for the month.

Episode-wise, 3x01 is #3 in popularity for the week.

It’s not the Nielsen ratings, but they say Fox will be looking at this stuff too…

ETA: It’s also #2 on the iTunes chart. :)

Jessica..? Power couple.


natural selection is when the person waiting in line in front of you leaves because the wait is too long

Literati on the brain


Two random thoughts while cooking dinner:
- I completely adore the way Jess gets Rory to open up about what’s troubling her in Lost and Found by just saying “Talk”.
- I’m realising more and more how incredibly important the two Jess episodes in season six are, both for Rory and Jess’ individual development and for laying the groundwork for their future, post-series reconnection (which I’m convinced will come to pass).

it makes me happy to see all the views on some tmp fanvids! but then again at least 11,000 of those hits are me sooo



headcanon: FOX announces a full season for the mindy project just a few days before xmas and it becomes our own christmas miracle and we’ll have a great time and we’ll eat a lot

Shulman & Associates + urban dictionary name meanings

New Girl, Best of Jess: 4x01 ‘The Last Wedding’


List of favourite movies (no order) 5/? Jumanji

In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.